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Happiness as we grey…

My wife, daughter and dog on a trail shortly after the downpour.

As we get older we are faced with a variety of choices.  Much of our financial planning goes towards ensuring that we have stability in our golden years.  To ensure that future stability we often sacrifice experiencing the things that we think would make us happy right now. The art and act of savoring and gratitude allow us the opportunity to experience happiness as an inexpensive commodity.

For instance, I just returned from a walk with my wife, daughter and dog.  It was a quick one as we were about to experience a downpour and lightning storm.  If you haven’t experienced the intensity of a mid-western US storm, then it is an opportunity worth the journey.  Before learning about positive psychology, a walk was just a walk.  Now, that everyday walk is an opportunity to see, smell and experience the beauty that surrounds us.  We saw an amazing lightning strike, saw and smelled the rain wafting from the distance and felt a few gentle drops before the downpour.  Additionally, by writing about it and reflecting on it I could savor an experience that in previous years I wouldn’t have reflected at all upon.  This turned an average experience into an outstanding one.  This is the sort of experience that is available to anyone at anytime.

Tying this all together is research published in the July 2012 edition of Educational Gerontology describing a 12-week body-mind-spirit training program that was utilized for a community-based intervention for seniors.  The curriculum offered sessions on exercise, nutrition, sexuality, leisure, stress management, cognitive behavioral therapy, forgiveness, and happiness.  The study was conducted in South Korea on 70 people living in an old folks home. The group was divided with 32 people participating in the curriculum and the rest getting standard care. The people who participated in the body-mind-spirit program tested better in both physical and spiritual dimensions after the intervention.


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