Journey to a Happier Life

Dedicated to the pursuit of a Healthy, Happy and Fulfilled Life!

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“Practice radical appreciation and happiness is wherever you are!”

I am grateful to share with people the knowledge I’ve attained in studying positive psychology, aka the psychology of happiness. My purposes here are to share some of the information contained in a book that I wrote as a guided journaling experience called “Your Guided Journey to a Happier Life.” It is available through Additionally, I’d like to share “happy” stories and research.

The genesis of the book resulted from many routes. One that I don’t believe that I shared before is the result of an experience that I had with a patient years ago. He had suffered a stroke and had come to my office to be treated with osteopathic manipulative treatments (aka “OMT” – a form of hands-on medical treatment that is over a century old and has to do with aligning bone, joint, muscle and soft-tissue to allow for proper function and flow of those structures and their related structures in the nervous system and blood/lymph system) for pain secondary to his right sided muscle weakness and disability. I was very successful in helping him with his discomfort and after his treatment he’d report feeling much better. He was a wonderful gentleman who had lived a full life and was dedicated to his family and his university. I always knew when he was in the office because his deep voice would resonate through the treatment room walls and he was gifted in his ability to connect with people in conversation.

One day after a treatment he was discussing with me his experiences with his rehab physician. He described to me how the results of the those visits allowed him to feel energetically similar to how he felt after his visits with me. The big difference was that his rehab doctor did all this through words and discussion and never laid a hand upon him. With the success I was having already in my practice utilizing OMT I thought that it would be wonderful to additionally be able to reach my patients with my words similar to this rehab physician. So, I began to search more vigilantly for ways to connect with and motivate my patients.

After years of searching I stumbled upon the field of Positive Psychology. I was gratified that it resonated and put to good use my undergraduate degree in Psychology. Along with some of the other skills I developed over the years the tools of Positive Psychology did help with my patient encounters. However, I was disappointed that the tools to deliver the benefits of Positive Psychology to the public were limited. Furthermore, some of the best results of the Positive Psychology research was seen with “homework,” but at the time there were very few tools available for me to educate my patients with these skills that didn’t require a lot of work on their part…and both research and experience has taught me that lifestyle change is very difficult. In an attempt to simplify the path toward a happier, more fulfilled life, and after years of continued research in the field I wrote the book “Your Guided Journey to a Happier Life.” My hope was and continues to be that the book may serve as another tool to get the exciting, research-proven methods utilized in this field to the masses.

To some of the people I’ve met along my journey the concept of a happier life is nothing short of frightening. To others it is common sense. The evolution of the field of Positive Psychology is research based and very exciting. As this blog develops I hope to explore and share this information with as many people as it is possible to reach.


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